Why we’re betting on Swift

We’ve just gone live with OTTO – a campus companion for students – and it’s written entirely in Swift. As with any new technology, it can be a difficult to decide when is the right time to abandon the old and start using the new, or if that’s even the right decision at all, but we are indeed all-in on Swift, right now. Here’s a few of the things that factored into our decision.

iOS crash reporting: Raygun vs Rollbar vs Crittercism

No matter how many hours you’ve spent developing your app, no matter how good your team of developers are, it’s going to crash. But that’s ok – crashes aren’t something to fear. With the right crash reporting tools in place, a crash can often provide enough information to fix the problem.

Why I’m still wearing my Apple Watch

A couple months into using an Apple Watch I said that it needed to get better before I could recommend it. When I wrote that in my last article on the Apple Watch, I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d be wearing it for. Well, the Apple Watch hasn’t actually gotten much better, yet I now lean on it’s conveniences and capabilities more times a day than I can count, almost without realising it.

Throw your consumer tablet strategy away

If your mobile strategy includes tablets, now is the time to resign yourself to the reality that they’re not a part of our consumer mobile future. They’re a part of our rapidly dissolving consumer PC past.