Mobile advertising is about to be fundamentally disrupted

When discussing emerging trends in mobile device use recently, I was asked what the future might look like and what changes might pose the greatest threats to existing business models. The industry that sprung immediately to mind was advertising, which is about to change forever, for three key reasons:

Your business will be disrupted by autonomous vehicles

Engaged in conversation with colleagues about the future of transport today, I got talking about the impact that autonomous vehicles will have on the advertising industry. If that seems like a strange leap to make, bear with me. In fact, if you think that fleets of driverless cars only endanger the jobs of taxi drivers, you’ll be surprised to realise that your bottom lines might be in danger as well, whatever your business.

The bottom line value of design

There has been an ever-brightening spotlight put on design and its business value over the past decade. That attention has been earmarked by the sweeping successes of companies who invest in it. I’m not talking about just brand and interface, but a broader definition of design. I’m talking about design as informed planning and deliberate decisions regarding how something looks, how it works and how it makes you feel.

What UX isn’t

There’s still many common misconceptions about what user experience design (UX, UXD) is amidst many of the companies that need and want to invest in it.